Central Park and the City Pedicab Tours

Regular price $180.00 per pedicab

Pedicab can take you anywhere. Why don't you take advantage of it? The two private tours below will allow you to enjoy a beautiful park and the breathtaking New York. Make yourself comfortable in one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation, relax and let our professional licenced pedicab driver to take you to places safe and fast.

Central Park and the City Pedicab Tour

This tour is good for those who want to see the park and some of the most popular landmarks in Midtown Manhattan, such as 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center.

  • Cost: $180 per pedicab
  • Duration: 45-60 min (depends on traffic)
  • 2 Photo Stops: Central Park (customer's choice) and Rockefeller Center
  • Itinerary: 15 minute ride in Central Park covers Ice skating rink, Carousel, Chess & Checkers house, the Dairy, the Mall and the Zoo. The city tour covers 5th Avenue with its Plaza hotel, Trump Tower, St. Patrick's Cathedral, flagship stores of the world-famous brands (Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, just to name a few), Rockefeller Center, 6th Avenue, Radio City and Love Sculpture

Central Park and the City Grand Tour

  • Cost: $240 per pedicab
  • Duration: 60-75 min (depends on traffic)
  • 3 Photo Stops: Central Park (customer's choice), Rockefeller Center and Times Square
  • Itinerary: All attractions in "Central Park and the City Pedicab Tour" with Rockefeller Center and Times Square